Denzel Washington celebrates the holidays in St Barts

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Cheers! Denzel Washington looked pretty happy with his lot as he raised a glass of wine on a yacht in St Barts on Thursday  
Hollywood is renowned for its short marriages, with stars like Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears leaving their husbands just days... or even hours after tying the knot.
However, one of Tinseltown's biggest actors, Denzel Washington has managed a rare thing amongst his peers - a long and happy marriage.
The Oscar-winner, 57, and his wife Pauletta, 62, looked as in love as ever as they holidayed in St Barts on Thursday.
The couple, who have been married for 29 years and together since 1977, were laughing and joking as they took a boat to restaurant in the Caribbean after disembarking their yacht.
After walking around the picturesque spot, they stopped by a restaurant for an alfresco dinner.

Following their meal, Denzel looked happy to sign autographs and pose for photos with fans.
Now their four children have grown up and with a gap in Denzel's busy acting career, the pair are revelling in their quality time together.
Their eldest son John, 28, is an American football player for the Sacramento Mountain Lions, while daughter Katia, 24, graduated from Yale in 2010.
Their twins Olivia and Malcolm, 21, are both thought to be at university as well.
Denzel and Pauletta met in 1977 while the actor was filming his first TV role in Wilma - which she was also starring in - and went on to marry in 1983.
In 1995, they renewed their wedding vows in South Africa with Archbishop Desmond Tutu officiating.
Talking about their long-lasting marriage with Oprah Winfrey in 2008, Denzel said: 'People who say they knew (if their spouse was the one) right away are lying! It's a marathon, not a sprint.'

He admits time apart with months spent away filming has probably helped their marriage rather than hinder it.
He explained: 'Hollywood gets a bad rap; it's just a place with some footprints in cement. I don't live there, I live in Los Angeles. But it's probably helped our marriage that we're apart a lot.'

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