Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood: '10 Things' Set in Malibu!

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It's tough at the top: Evan indulged in her scene chewing scene while dangling in the air in a Ferris wheel carriage 
Evan Rachel Wood hits the beach while filming scenes for her new film 10 Things I Hate About Life on Wednesday (January 9) in Los Angeles.
The day before, the 25-year-old actress wore the same outfit while filming scenes with a co-star on a Ferris wheel in Malibu.

On the same day, Evan tweeted, “Am i hearing this right? Are people “cutting” because bieber smoked pot? #wtf.”
It was recently announced that Evan and her husband Jamie Bell are expecting their first child together.

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Dangling: It's not long until the actress is hanging from the Ferris wheel rather than being inside it
Stunt: If it is actually Evan doing her own stunts then it is very impressive, as well as looking rather terrifying
Scary stuff: Evan then starts to climb up the wheel showing off her ability as a versatile actress
Head for heights: Evan didn't seem phased at all by hanging in the air while climbing up the wheel
Climbing: The star then proceeds to to climb up the side of the wheel while the actor in the booth looks on
Strong: Evan then manages to haul herself up so she can get back inside the fairground attraction
Stand up and shout: The pretty actress waited for a crew member to get out of the way before wailing again
Wood you believe it: She looked far more relaxed when she finally made it back onto solid ground
Concentration: Evan looks like she is really putting her all into the scene
Ready to roll: She was later seen sitting on another of the thrilling rides as she waited around at the fair
Romantic moment: After all the drama on the Ferris wheel, Evan moves in to to kiss her co-star
Looking lips: The couple enjoy a smooch oblivious to everyone else around them on set
Cool cat: Evan wore a long plaid skirt with a t-shirt and denim jacket with a wool lined collar

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